A brief sampling of cases handled by the law firm of Michael P. Walsh is included here. All involve high net worth clients and draw on Attorney Walsh’s more than 38 years of divorce law experience. In all of these cases, we were able to avoid all publicity for the client.

Successfully advocated for the Husband in a complex case involving the tracing of pre-marital monies into and through a series of complicated real estate limited partnerships. The Wife claimed that all of the husband’s interests were marital. We were able to effectively demonstrate to the court that more than 2/3 of the total value of the investments in the seven real estate partnerships was non-marital. This resulted in multi-millions of dollars being carved out to the Husband as separate, non-marital property. We were also able to obtain a reversal of the trial court’s award of 100% attorney’s fees to the Wife.

Represented the Wife of a founder of a publicly traded company who attempted to remove assets offshore and shelter them from the court. We followed and traced the Husband’s movement of assets to the South Pacific, back to Florida, then to Switzerland. In addition to compensation for the Wife of more than $2.5 million as a result of the Husband’s dissipation of assets, the court awarded the Wife equitable distribution in excess of $9.5 million and permanent alimony. The trial court’s ruling was affirmed on appeal.

Successfully represented a cattle rancher in reaching an agreement that conceded extensive non-marital assets, in excess of $20 million. The case was settled with a minimum of litigation.

Achieved an agreed equitable distribution settlement for the Wife of the founder of an international investment fund in an amount exceeding $50 million.